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No matter, whatever your worries, queries and difficulties we will find a solution together by selecting the right course and institute that suite your profile, budget and limitations to ensure you achieve your goals.

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Make your career by studying in Australia and also plan your migration pathways. Contact us today for further PR pathways advise. Don’t wait till last moment. Planning is important now. Where to study and what to study? 

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Free student visa extension process, when you enroll with us. Student visa extension is not easy if your performance in a study is very low or have changed course or providers many times. Plan your migration pathways.

Visitor To Student Visa

If you are on Working holiday or visitor visa, you can apply for a student visa if you do not have any further stay condition

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If you’re already in Australia on a Working Holiday or Visitor visa, you can apply online without leaving the country. Granted there are no ‘No Further Stay’ conditions on your existing visa, your Working Holiday or Visitor visa will have no impact on your Student visa application, as the two are entirely separate.

Popular Courses

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Architecture & Building

Construct the ideal world you’d love to live in through a career in the building industry.

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Business,Commerce & Management

Become a leader of the future with the skills you need to manage any industry.

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Nurture the minds of the next generation and help shape the leaders of tomorrow.

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Come up with innovative infrastructure and technology to serve the communities.

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Food & Hospitality

Working anywhere in the world from exotic luxury resorts to gourmet restaurants.

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Health & Allied Health

Care for others, and enjoy giving back with a career in health.

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Humanities & Social Sciences

Learn about the world around us and how to build impactful connections with other people.

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Information Technology

Be part of the IT revolution and develop systems that keep the world connected.

Trades Courses 

Trades occupation in Australia is in high demand. They have a great future. However, if you do not have related education or work experience, student visa can be challenging. student after year 12 with excellent marks and good English can apply

Hospitality Management

Cook, Chef and Restaurant manager

Engineering - Mechanical Trade

Fitter, Machinist, Turner, Instrument Maker, Toolmaker

Aircondition and Mechanical

Aircondition & Refrigeration, Aircondition & Mechanical 

Light Vehicle Mechanic

Motor Mechanic

Early Childhood & Education and Care

Child Care Centre Manager


Automotive Electrician, Panelbeater

Why Us?

Simply because not only we have more than 15 years of strong experience but also have a proven record of helping students to get their dream employment and suggesting easiest migration pathways possible. Our agents are MARA certified and QEAC Certified


Research for the Course and University. It is also very important to select the location as the skilled migration points and state nomination depend on where you study


Arrive in Australia, Enrol in University, Ask help from us for settlement, rent or share unit or home. Get guidance for the employment from us


Counselling session to discuss your course, provider and fees involved. Discussion about your migration pathways after completing studies


Complete your studies minimum of 92 weeks and apply for the graduate temporary visa. Depending on your occupation, complete Job Ready Program (JRP), Professional Year (PY) or One-year of work experience to get positive skills assessment


Prepare documents, write excellent Statement of Purpose (SOP),  Finance arrangements, English test appearance, Apply to the Institute and wait for the offer letter


Lodge Expression of Interest (EOI), State Nomination application and visa application for direct permanent residency or pathways towards permanent residency


Read and sign the offer letter if you agree their terms, pay the college fees and get confirmation of enrolment (CoE) from the institute


Apply for Australian Citizen after having at least three years of temporary visa and one year of a permanent visa. Student visa period is counted towards temporary visa

Get in Touch

Let us meet and discuss your career and migration pathways


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