Training Visa

Onshore: Subclass 820/801 Offshore: Subclass 309/100


                    The Training Subclass 407 Visa is a short stay visa for people occupational training or professional development in Australia.

                    The visa is generally valid for stay in Australia for up to 2 years.


                    There are two eligibility pathways for the visa. However, all applicants must show that they:

                    • Have turned 18 (or can demonstrate exceptional circumstances)

                    • Have functional English

                    • Hold private health insurance

                    • Have access to sufficient funds to support themselves in Australia

                    • Genuinely intend to stay temporarily in Australia for the intended purpose

                    • Meet health and character requirements

                    • In the past 24 months, you must have worked or studied full time for at least 12 months, in the occupation that will be nominated.

                    • The nominated occupation must be on the 407 Training Visa Occupations List.

                    • Sponsorship by an approved Temporary Activities Sponsor is required.


                    This stream requires a nomination by the sponsor to do one of the following activities in Australia:

                    • Training required to obtain registration, membership or a licence to work in Australia or home country

                    • Training be in the 407 Training Visa Occupations List – in this case, the applicant must have worked full time in the occupation for at least 12 of the last 24 months

                    • Up to 6 months of practical experience, research or observation is required to obtain an overseas qualification

                    • Training supported by a government agency or the applicant’s home government

                    • Occupational training would generally require at least 70% of the training to be on-the-job versus classroom training.


                    This would require you to be working overseas in a management or professional position. Training is primarily classroom training and would need to be in skills relevant to your position.


                    The employer must sponsor you. They cannot be a sole trader or individual. They must become a Temporary Activity Sponsor.


                    The visa is subject to condition 8102 which forbids work apart from the training specified in the visa application.

                    WORK CONDITION

                    You can only work for your sponsor. You must work at least 30 hours per week and be paid at least the Award rate.

                    HEALTH INSURANCE

                    You must also maintain your health insurance whilst in Australia.


                    The application must be lodged online. You can either be in Australia or overseas when lodging the application.

                    FAMILY MEMBERS

                    Family members (spouses and children) can be included in the application.

                    THE PROCESS

                    STEP 1 

                    Your employer must lodge an application for becoming an approved sponsor. This is also known as Temporary Activity Sponsorship (TAS) application.

                    STEP 2

                    Apply for nomination application. The nomination process identifies the:

                    • nomination eligibility type

                    • details of the proposed training program

                    • position to be filled

                    • skills, qualifications and experience required for the position

                    • a person who has been nominated to take part in the activity.

                    STEP 3

                    Apply for 407 Visa application.

                    All of the above three applications can be lodged together.

                    APPLICATION FEES

                    This application is made up of three parts:

                    Sponsorship fee $420

                    Nomination fee $170

                    Visa Application fee $285 for the main applicant, $285 for a partner (and any child over 18) and $75 for each child under 18 years of age.

                    A subsequent temporary application charge of $700 per applicant may be payable if the applicant has previously lodged certain temporary visas whilst in Australia